Discovering Happiness at the Top of a Mountain

Discovering Happiness at the Top of a Mountain


August 29, 2015
On top of a Mountain

I’m in the Alps!  It’s just as beautiful as you’d imagine it to be — there’s an emerald lake in the middle of the mountains, the sound of crickets, the slightest stir of a breeze, and tall, towering, majestic mountains enveloping it all. How can I tell you how much I love the Italian countryside? How much I love scrambling about on a hot summer’s day, how much I love rolling green hills, and lazy summer mornings? How the sight of cows grazing in a field makes me happy, how the peacefulness of little Italian streets at night beats the lights of a thriving city…how war and evil and desolation couldn’t possibly exist in a place such as this. How could there possibly be any evil in a place full of so much beauty and simple pleasures? Where the only things you can see for miles and miles are mountains and the only sounds you hear are nature? I can feel the softness of the grass beneath my bare foot, and the warmth of the sun on my skin.

“What is happiness?” they ask.
“This,” I reply.

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