Dear Copenhagen


Dear Copenhagen,

What a fairytale you were!  No wonder Hans Christian Anderson was inspired to write  his fairytales here – he was living in one! Perfect canals, and cobbles stones, and guys that look like Prince Charming (!) I love your history. I love how Prince Frederick fell in love with and married a random Australian girl he met in a bar (a real life fairytale!) and I love how everyone was ready to greet me with a smile and point me in the right direction.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt more welcomed into a city before. One of my favourite memories will be sitting on the edge of the dock listening to a guitarist and trumpeter play jazz as I watched the people stroll by – if that wasn’t happiness, I don’t know what is.

I have to admit,  your weather was a bit like a temperamental child. Pouring rain followed by sun – it was a bit of a downer to jump off the bus and be  immediately drenched by the rain as I lugged my suitcase behind me! But then I saw this guy on the other side of the street throw back his head, fling out his arms, and embrace the rain. He had such a happy expression on his face and I decided that maybe the rain wasn’t so bad after all.  Maybe every fairytale needs a little bit of rain – a little bit of rain to give us something to fight for.

Indeed, as soon as I saw Nyhavn with the colorful restaurants and boats in the harbour, I didn’t care that it was drizzling. I didn’t care at all. All I  cared about was that I was in Copenhagen – IN THE STATE OF DENMARK – and that I was wandering past the buildings and that it was so beautiful. It was beautiful how brightly the colors stood out against the grey skies and it was beautiful the way the sun came out and made the pavement glow.

So thank you, Copenhagen. Thank you for reminding me that fairytales do exist even when the rest of the world tries so hard to make me believe otherwise and thank you for teaching me how to dance in the rain. (Figuratively – because we all know I can’t dance).

Hope to see you again one day!

Love Kazandra


Kazandra Pangilinan

Kazandra is probably not that different from you. She eats, sleeps,and wonders about how to make the most of this life. This blog is dedicated to the trials and triumphs she has experienced in the process of growing up in her quest to find meaning, connection and happiness.

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4 comments on “Dear Copenhagen
  1. Lilian says:

    Dear Kazandra,
    A link from Kylie Lynne’s Blog brought me here. I could not resist reading your Dear Copenhagen blog since I was born in Denmark and emigrated to Montreal with my family at 13…. and 20 years later to Vancouver. The last time I visited Copenhagen (or really København as you now know ;o) was in 1973 and I love that city too. I still have a cousin there. Although I am now a died in the wool Vancouverite, my heart still swells with pride when someone says something positive about
    Denmark. So thank you for loving Copenhagen. The rest of Denmark is also very charming with centuries old villages with cobblestone streets and thatched roofs and everything is always newly painted it seems. Like a fairytale for sure.

  2. Dear Kazandra . Thank you for loving Copenhagen. I have not been there since 1973 but I found it to be the same. When cities are over 800 years old the oldest parts don’t change, except for coats of paint…..and the Danes are really house proud. ;o) Do go back and see the rest of the charming little towns, especially on the small islands. I’m afraid I will never be able to get back there so I like to read travel blogs. A link from Kylie Lynne brought me to you. I was born in Aarhus, Denmark. My Dad had been a sailor and having seen the world, he was a bit adventurous and when I was 13, he brought our family to Montreal in 1953 and then to Vancouver in 1973 because he had loved Vancouver, so much back in 1922 when he sailed into Deep Cove to load lumber. There were no bridges then and Vancouver was just a big town. While Denmark is pretty and quaint, to a Dane this scenery is wild and spectacular. :o)
    Keep traveling, Kazandra, and writing about your adventures . I shall come back to read about them. luv, luv.

    • Kazandra Pangilinan says:

      Hi Lilian!
      Thanks for reading! I definitely plan on going back and exploring the rest of Denmark as well!! Not only was it beautiful but everyone was so welcoming and friendly. Vancouver is my hometown – nothing like Europe, but how do you like it?

      • I love Metro Vancouver and wouldn’t live anyplace else. I have lived in West Van. twice, White Rock and 18 years here in Walnut Grove. Europe is an interesting place to visit to see what old really means ;o) …… everyone should get the chance …but I love having the wilderness at your doorstep, real wildlife ( had a bear and coyotes in our complex) and the scarcity of humans once you get out of town. ;o)

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