In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene

In Fair Verona Where We Lay Our Scene


April 22, 2016

Hello and welcome to Verona, the beautiful city of love.  It certainly had no trouble seducing me — and that’s impressive.  Verona is a lovely city — cute in so many ways.  Unfortunately I feel awful today.   I either have a cold or really bad allergies; I still haven’t figured out which, although I suspect it is allergies as I never experienced a sore throat.  Whatever it is, it has made me sneeze at least five times in a row every five minutes, my nose sore and my eyes red and droopy.

At the moment, I am Piazza Della Erbe, the most ancient square in all Verona.  The church bell just signaled 4pm but I’ll be here until 10:45 (at least).  I suppose in a bit I’ll walk around some more and then I’ll go get some dinner.

I arrived in Verona at 9:30 this morning and as I was walking towards the city center, I experienced love at first sight.  The River Adige was running under a bridge that led to the charming streets.   I immediately bought a gelato, simply because I felt like one (1.50) and it was refreshing and delicious.  (Mandolato di Cologna Veneta flavour).  What a nice way to enter a city!





First I went to Casa di Giulietta and read all the love notes people have stuck on with their chewing gum while eating my gelato.  Some little Italian high school boy told me I chose a good flavour (haha) My favourite note was from Nick who wrote “Please help girls like me more.” I was going to go up the balcony but then decided not to because everyone had told me it was overrated.   Being at Juliet’s house made me grin from ear to ear, like some sappy romantic crying over The Notebook (for the record, I never cried during The Notebook nor do I think it’s a sad story because they lived a very happy life together).  Sometimes I don’t even know if I am romantic but I like a happy ending just as much as the next person — I mean, who doesn’t love love?!  In any case, all the tourists seemed hardly any less excited than I was — you should have seen the way they pushed each other to get a picture with her statue!

I continued with my walking, admiring the ancient architecture along the way and dealing with my horrible sneezing. The symbol of Verona is a ladder in a circle and I saw it on an iron gate where the Scaliger Tombs are.  There was a big market area in Piazza Erbe where the most popular thing being sold was Rome and Juliet merchandise.

When do you think it is an acceptable time to go get dinner?  Should I get coffee now?  A snack?  I don’t know what to do!  I guess I’ll see where my feet take me!


I went to an aperitivo at Piazza Erbe and ordered a spritz.  Some guy paid for my drink because he accidentally took my seat when I went to the bathroom.  Prior to this, I wandered down to the area, briefly stopped in the Disney store, got a free shot of coffee, and then found Giulietta’s tomb.  I was quite proud of myself for finding it because an old man gave me the directions in Italian but I understood them perfectly:  go straight and turn left at the trees.

I enjoyed my one day in Verona.  I keep wondering what it would feel like to fall in love in Verona.  I imagine it must feel nice although, I didn’t feel much like falling in love today.  Instead, I sat by a statue and penned a letter to Juliet — while two people made out to the right of me.  That was romantic of them…

If you ever get a chance to go to Italy, I recommend a stop to Verona.  I was really excited to be in Verona – hello Rome and Juliet! — and it just feels like love is floating through the air in this city.  One big celebration of love.  The random hearts popping up everywhere throughout the city are probably enough to melt the most cynical of hearts.























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