August 30, 2015

I am in Geneva!  My last and final stop before Spain.

It is very hot and I am sitting on a bench in front of a market while the circus gets set up behind me.  There are apparently wind storms and power outages at home, but it sure is boiling hot here in Switzerland.  A lady just walked by and said “Bonjour” to me — that made me happy.

This morning, we woke up early (around 5:20am) because we had to get to the airport as Tom’s flight was at 10:15.  The drive from Aosta Valley was so beautiful! Mountains with the morning sun peaking through, green hills scattered with houses, the majestic Mont Blanc — all 4810m of it towering in the distance!  We stopped at a gas station for croissants and coffee (where they were playing Sean Paul and Simple Plan) and then drove through the longest tunnel (7 miles, says Tom).   At around 8:40, we arrived at the airport and said our good-byes as Tom left to catch his flight.  I was staying in Geneva for the night and so I began to make my way to the city.

For some reason, I could no longer lift my luggage.  After weeks of lugging it up staircases, now I could not even lift it up two steps.  It was like all my strength had left me! Just as I was trying to pull my suitcase over the curb, I fell flat on my bum.  What an embarrassment!  Thankfully some guy stepped in to help me because a bus was coming towards me.  I was supposed to get on tram 12 but of course I could not for the life of me find the correct tram.  I found all the other trams except for tram 12 — that was frustrating.  Even after asking people and having them point me in the right direction, I couldn’t find it.   Eventually I just got on a random tram and the driver told me he would tell me where to get off closest to tram No. 12.  Thank the Lord!!





I at last got off at the correct stop and Marita was waiting for me.  After taking a shower and having some salami and cheese sandwiches with hot chocolate, she had her German lesson and I made my way to town.  Later on she joined me, and we had ice cream with our feet in the water — fending off the swans when they got too close.  We were sitting right in front of the jet d’eau and it was amazing.  People always told me Geneva was boring but I didn’t find it boring at all.  There were lots of pretty parks to sit in and lots of nice roads to wander…I guess people find those things boring?  I didn’t really know much about Geneva before coming, other than it being the headquarters of CERN – I only know that because I read Angels and Demons.  In the evening, we explored the old town and hung out with some of her friends (she has very international friends which is super cool!)

The next day was my last day in Geneva and I went to the UN where I marveled at the big chair and made friends with a boy named Omar from Tunisia.  We had great fun, good conversation, and he let me ride his scooter!  In the late afternoon, I caught my flight to Madrid…let the next adventure begin!















Kazandra Pangilinan

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