Granada: The “Best” Sunset

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November 7, 2015
On the Bus

Well! I’m not sure how this happened but the odds must be in my favor. Out of all the people on this bus, I’m the only person who didn’t get a stuck with a person beside them. Also, I get to move to the window seat which is really nice. I always pick the window seat if I can.

November 8, 2015
It’s so hot!! Apparently it’s 23 degrees but it feels a lot warmer. I’m wearing my orange dress and sitting on the steps of this Spanish fountain with white patio chairs laid out in front of me and the sound of water behind me. There are two Spanish men playing guitar and singing while people drink beer, tap their feet, dance in the street, or roam down these cobble stoned lanes. I really like cobble stones, but I have to admit that they are becoming more and more of a pain to walk on.  Especially the cobble stones that are extremely old and uneven.

Granada is a wonderful city! It’s like a rainbow – so bright and colourful. It reminds of what I think a Turkish Bazaar would be like. There are all these little shops selling colorful knick knacks and clothing and tea. There are many tea houses (which I still need to go to/find someone to go with me) and tapa bars. Apparently tapas are a ‘philosophy of life’ here in Granada! And that’s good news because who here among us doesn’t like free food? There are many fountains scattered around the city and they all have clean, cool, drinking water which I suspect comes in very handy during the 40 degree summers. I’m feeling overheated right now actually. I might have to relocate soon.  Not that I’m complaining; I love the sun.

I just ate a pionono which is a very popular pastry in the south of Spain.  Apparently it is named after Pope Pius IX “Pio Nono.” Is it disrespectful if I’ve been going around calling it Pio-nocchio then? It was $1.50 for the tiniest thing I’ve ever seen but it was very sweet and tasty. I do wish I had better taste at the moment though…I still have a bit of a cold unfortunately and it’s messing  up my taste buds.

The famous Spanish Pionono!

I am going to the famous Alhambra soon. It is the “must-see” attraction in Granada and you have to buy tickets in advance or you won’t get in. (Which I thankfully did!)

My bus ride down here was great. As you  know, I got to sit by the window and I was the only person who got two seats. And we got to watch movies. I started watching Thor 2 but then I remembered that I had already seen it and didn’t like it that much, so I watched The Devil Wears Prada instead. I must have been really emotional yesterday because I teared up when Andy gave all her clothes to Emily….that was weird of me. Then I watched 500 Days of Summer but I kept re-watching the scene when Joseph Gordon-Levitt dances with the cartoon birds so I didn’t get to finish it.  Luckily during the driver’s announcement, I distinctively heard the word “wee-fee,” so I was able to ask the girl in front of me for the password. We arrived in Granada on time and I managed to find the bus I needed no problemo. Thankfully the bus driver told me to sit in the front of the bus so that he could tell me when to get off (at the bull ring). When I got off, I put the address of where I needed to be in google maps but it apparently lied to me because I ended up in someone else’s apartment building. (Some girl let me in, haha).  I called my host and managed to find the correct place with the help of two Spanish people who said they could walk me part way there. I am thankful I at least have enough knowledge of Spanish to ask for and understand directions.

I need to catch you up on what I did yesterday. I eventually found the correct house. Cristobal was waiting outside for me in a yellow shirt and then we went upstairs where I met his french roommate, Camille.  She speaks French and English fluently – I really need to become better at languages!!  We all chatted for a bit and then I told them that I really wanted to see the sunset from Mirador San Nicolas because that’s apparently the place where Bill Clinton saw the “best sunset” in his entire life. Hmm! Cristobal and I left and I got my first walk through the lovely streets of Granada.  I was so enchanted by everything that I almost tripped multiple times on account of always looking up and never at my feet.  I saw people drinking tea in the tea houses, so many colors, so many pretty things.

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My favourite colorful street in Granada.


So many colours!


I think everyone in Granada must have been climbing up to see the sunset because the place was packed! It really was amazing though. The colors were so intensely orange and if you looked towards the Alhambra, the mountains beyond looked purple. So stunning. It was my first view of the Alhambra and I watched it until it was lit up in the darkness. It was here at this magical spot where I believe I witnessed a guy fall in love.  This is what happened:  “Why is there a guy taking a picture of us? That’s weird,” said two girls. “Are you a model or something?” asked the guy, approaching them. To this, the girl sarcastically replied, “Yes, I’m a Spanish model.” There must have been something she liked about him though because then I heard them all making plans to go get shawarma and tapas. “Can I get a picture with just Alice?” continues the guy. So he gets a picture with just Alice and that is the beginning and the end of that love story because Cristobal and I left after that.

We walked down to the famous Paseo de los Tristes (which means ‘Passage of the Sad’ because funeral marches always passed through here) and walked along the River Darro (pronounced with a rolled ‘r’). The whole while I practiced my Spanish with him. I hope I can make a Spanish friend when I go home so that I don’t forget everything I’ve learned. Also, I’ve discovered the trick to sounding Spanish: simply say everything as fast as you possibly can. We continued walking past the Cathedral, stopped at the supermarket to buy chicken and yogurt, and then took the dog for a walk to the dog park where I thought the dogs were attacking each other, but apparently they were just playing.

At around 11pm, we met Camille and her friend for tapas and beer. I love tapas – free food in general is always good. I am also glad that I’ve grown to like beer – it is cheaper to drink than wine.  I had a beef hamburger and a chicken one – thank God for meat!)

The girl beside me just said to her friend that she should have worn shorts. I agree 100%! It is officially too hot to sit here any longer. I suppose I shall start my walk to the palace.


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