Melbourne 101


Here is everything I learned and discovered while visiting the “most livable city” in the world.

1. The Eureka Sky tower is designed to symbolize the goldrush rebellion. The red strip represents the blood that was spilled, the gold represents the gold rush, and the blue represents the flag.

2. Free Tram! Yup, there is a free tram that takes you through the CBD and it’s pretty great. The city also has the largest tram system outside of Europe.

3. Batman is from Melbourne. No, seriously, he is. You thought he was from Gotham city, but you’re wrong. He was actually the founder of Melbourne. In fact, Melbourne used to be called ‘Batmania’ then the name was switched to Melbourne.  Now he just has a park named after him.  Still, that’s pretty serious stuff.

4. The weather can’t make up its mind. My guide on the free tour said Melbourne often experiences “four seasons in one day.”

5. Working 9-5? That’s all thanks to Melbourne workers who campaigned for an 8 hour work day and won! Thank you, Melbourne!

6. Melbournian is a word. It refers to people who live in Melbourne.

7. Big, Fat Greek Weddings are, I suspect, a common occurrence as the city has the highest Greek population outside of Greece!

8. Melbourne used to be the capital of Australia until Canberra claimed the title in 1927.

9. Bluestone is a word you will probably hear mentioned.

10. Ned Kelly is a famous gangster from Melbourne but he is regarded as a kind of ‘hero’ among the citizens.  He is credited for coining the expression “Such is life,” which he said when he met his death. You may see his face on some of the graffiti walls!

11. There is a little bit of a rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney over which is better.

13. The tower of the Arts Centre is supposed to resemble the twirling tutu of a ballerina.

12. If you Find a Golden Ring…it’s mine! I’m pretty sure I lost it in St. Kilda…but it could be anywhere.  Please return it to me. Thanks, bye.



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