“Not Every Girl’s Lucky Enough to go to Paris”


May 4, 2016
Under the Eiffel tower because where else?! 

I have found my absolute favourite tree in all of Paris.  There is nothing especially exceptional looking about it – it isn’t even a cherry blossom tree – in fact, it is pretty average-looking, but it provides the perfect location to view the Eiffel Tower and it comes with a backrest.  I think my feet will keep returning to this spot many times over the next two months.

Today is my first day in the city and upon exiting the metro, I walked towards the tower, already feeling familiar with the path although it’s been seven months since I was last here.

I got my fist view of the tower when Julie was driving me to the house from the bus station on my first night.  I got my second view when I was on the bus and happened to catch a glimpse of some tall shape looming in the distance out of the corner of my eye.  Next I saw it when we were pulling up to a metro stop – this was the best one because it was so big and right above the river!  My heart literally starts to race every time I see it and I’m convinced it’s because of love.  I know Paris is not perfect but I love it anyway – that’s how I know it’s true love.


20160504_201353 (1)

[Hmm, I’ve just discovered where the man selling alcohol keeps his stash:  it’s under the bush by my tree.  Good to know.]

Anyway, I’m very happy to be in Paris.  It’s actually a bit hard to believe that I’m actually here and that I’ll be here until July so I don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn to see everything I want to see.  I mean, do you know how wonderful it is to wake up on a Monday morning, in a rose-sheet double bed, and realize that you’re in Paris?  Or to watch the sky turn pink from your bedroom window and then draw the curtains when it turns dark, catching one final glimpse of the moon shining over the city before you crawl into bed?  It’s wonderful!

“Not Every girl’s lucky enough to go to Paris” 

I’m happy because I told myself I would live in Paris one day (if two months qualifies as “living”) and what do you know, here I am!  Now I would very much like to be Amélie.  At the very least, I will go to her café.  Oh, I wonder what adventures await me in Paris…!

Later – 19:49
Back at the Eiffel Tower but someone took my favourite tree so I’m at a different one.  The sun is starting to set so I shall sit here and wait for it – I hope the sky turns pink!  Oo, it is so nice to be back in Paris!  France is different from Italy.  Not only do the buildings and streets look different, but it feels different too.  Something about Paris feels calming in the spring time.  Maybe it’s the pastel coloured cherry blossoms, or the bubbles floating past my ear as some guy with a guitar sings “Stand by Me” or how elegant all the buildings look as I stroll along the Champs Élysées.

I love this guy with the guitar who decided to sing right now. I feel like I’m in a movie, leaning against this tree while the sun sets and the bubbles float.  It seems to me that the Eiffel Tower is a lot skinnier than I remember it.  Really, it looks like it went on a diet and slimmed down considerably.

I’m looking around me and I think it’s very nice that people still decide to have picnics or just sit on the grass and talk.

Yes, Paris is certainly lovely in the spring time.







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