A Perfect Day in Nice

A Perfect Day in Nice

March 13, 2016
Under a Palm Tree

This is the start of  a beautiful day, I think.  The sea is the loveliest shade of blue, the air is fine, and I am sitting under a palm tree on one of the white benches I love so much.  The only people who seem to be awake on this quiet Sunday morning are joggers, restaurant owners, a few young people sitting by the water (who I’m pretty sure are still awake from last night), and a guy with a Lassie dog smoking a few benches down from me.  Oh, and me.

I love quiet Sunday mornings, particularly Sunday mornings where you can walk down to the beach in a matter of no more than five minutes.  I imagine every day would be so beautiful if I could do this every morning…yes, I simply must live in a house right by the beach one day.

I keep glancing behind me at the empty restaurants — something about them feels so calming to me.   They are just patiently waiting there, taking their time, until the day begins.  With their flat roofs and pastel colours, they remind me of spring or something equally clean and refreshing.  An old man and a dog just walked by…what is it about old men with dogs that make me feel sad? 

Okay, I am hungry now and it is nearly nine.  Time for breakfast.


2016-03-13 12.01.06

Later – 14:53

This really has been the most perfect day, if such a thing is possible.   Well, perfect apart from the yogurt exploding in my bag, leaving a strawberry mess everywhere! Now even the tip of my pen tastes like strawberry…) 

Right now, I’m sitting on the rocks by the white waves, and the waves crashing against the rocks is the only sound I hear. (Oh, nevermind, I just heard a siren).  I think I understand now why  so many doctors (in books, anyway) prescribe a trip to the sea as medicine.  It really does wonders.  The salty breeze, the sun, the simple beauty of it all…it makes your heart feel lighter.  Like I said a million times before, I like Nice.  It’s unhurried and I don’t feel any pressure to be anyone or do anything.  I can just sit here on this jagged rock for as long as I want and no one will tell me to come inside or do this or do that.  I can take my time and know that life won’t pass me by because this is life and it’s perfectly okay to live like this.  I don’t need to apologize for being lazy, or lying in the sun, or sitting idly and dreaming.  

2016-03-13 08.51.44



After breakfast at the hostel, I went for a walk through town and I met an old Italian man named Alvaro who asked me to take a picture of him with the tram in the background (interesting).  He was friendly and told me he’s been to St. John’s in Canada.  There is a big bike race going on today; reminds me of the parents! Two German girls joined me for a walk on the beach and they told me stories of all their crazy hitch-hiking/travel experiences! Then I climbed up to the cascades (waterfall) before walking past a church and seeing palms.  For a second, I thought it was palm Sunday and felt extremely guilty but then I remembered that palm Sunday is next week.  Phew!

Last night at the hostel, we had wine and played cards (and this old Austrian man got really mad and was altogether, quite rude…) It was fun to be around young people from all over the world…they put Canada to shame with how multilingual they are! Oh – I just spoke to a nice family from Ethiopia (they have three cute kids) and the dad asked me if my eyes were “original” because they look like Rio (the bird) Haha…what?

PS: I have a feeling all french dads are cool.  They wear skinny jeans, and sunglasses, and scarves…and yeah, they speak french.  

Much later: At the airport 

So it turns out, you can get to and from the airport for £1.50 instead of £6…they just don’t advertise it!! (And it’s only 10 minutes slower…geez!  Anyway, it took me a while to get here because the bus route was changed around due to the bike race but eventually I got here with more than enough time, spoke to a nice American lady on the bus, and now I’m waiting to fly to Dublin.  My flight lands at 11:30pm and I’ve decided just to spend the night at the airport because I don’t want to have to find my way from the airport to city center at night…I’d probably get lost anyway.  This is very uncharacteristic of me..I didn’t even make a list of things to do like I usually do!  What’s happening to me?!

2016-03-13 15.26.03







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