Thoughts on a Train

Thoughts on a Train

November 21, 2015
On the Train

I’m on the train again – this time to Cuenca. It seems like I’m on planes, buses, and trains a lot but I suppose that’s a good thing because it means I’m going places. It’s very weird to think that if I had stuck with my original plan of going home after six months, I’d be going home in less than a month. Crazy, huh!? Life is pretty crazy.

In my heart, I’m not ready to go home yet. How strange – when I was thinking about going to Europe, six months seemed like such a long time. It seemed like eternity, almost. And now I don’t know where they went. Honestly, it quite possibly felt like the fastest six months in my entire life. Measured by waking up in new cities, and nameless strangers who became friends, and photos on my phone of sights I still can’t believe I was lucky enough to see.

Despite everything that’s happened, I still sometimes wonder if I should have booked that plane ticket home. Home…it seems so far away sometimes. If I close my eyes and really think, I can picture that big blue house at the end of the street – the one I used to run toward as soon as I rounded the corner coming out of the meadow despite my heavy backpack – and the kitchen table so many laughs have been shared around, and the dust that always collected in the corner of the stairs.

Oh! I just saw the most beautiful sunrise – I tried to take a photo but the train was moving too fast.  It looked like the heavens were opening up and releasing light and goodness into that world. That makes me happy – we need more light and goodness these days.


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