Waterlilies, Creampuffs, and Stained Glass Windows


May 24, 2016

Overall, Sunday in Paris was a very good day.  I woke up and left before the family was awake — Jaynee and I were planning to go the Musée de l’Orangerie but the signs confused me and an apparent six-minute walk from the metro ended up taking me much longer.  I really enjoyed this museum but that’s because I like impressionism.  It is also the home of Monet’s waterlilies! (which I have loved ever since I saw a print in my piano teacher’s home many years ago) They were pretty spectacular to see in real life.  I also saw a painting that I thought was dogs running but it actually turned out to be people swimming (said Jaynee and she was right).









After the museum, we went to Odette’s, a cute little cafe overlooking Notre Dame. We had to walk up a spiral staircase which led us to a little nook that was completely empty except for us.  We sat by the window and I opened it fully and we enjoyed our cream puffs.  I had pistachio and praline and Jaynee had fruit berry and chocolate – she gave me the last bite of her chocolate one.  They were rich, creamy and delicious! I think my favourite part though was sitting by the open window with a view of Notre Dame, watching people go about their Sunday business.





We went walking around  Île Saint-Louis and Le Marais before we visited Sainte-Chapelle, a beautiful church with some of the nicest (maybe THE nicest) stained-glass windows I have ever seen.  The windows display 1, 113 biblical scenes from the Old and New Testament and the church used to hold (maybe it still does) the crown of thorns.  In other news, I never knew King Louis was a saint!

After walking through a flower market which made my nose itchy and which has more than just flowers – for example, LIVE ANIMALS – I walked Jaynee back to  her hotel and waited for her uber driver to take her to the airport.








Finally, I went back to Shakespeare and Company’s bookstore because I still think that’s the best place to be when it rains in Paris.  I was in the middle of reading Gertrude Stein when then was unexpected tea party.  An energetic old woman with white hair, glasses, a long skirt, and an eccentric personality entered.  She was very theatrical and scatterbrained and sort of fluttered about the room trying to do everything at once, only to forget what she was actually supposed to be doing – that is, make the tea.  A notebook was passed around and we were all supposed to write our names and 1-2 sentences.  I didn’t write anything substantial.  All I wrote was “A teaparty in Paris is better than a tea party in London because in London you don’t hear the bells of Notre Dame.”  We really did hear the bells though – they were ringing so loudly that the lady couldn’t even hear me when I answered the question and I had to repeat myself several times.  She had asked if anyone knew anything about George Whitman and I was the only person in the room who raised my hand.  It’s because I love this bookshop so much that naturally I wanted to learn everything about it that I possibly could so I read the website a million times.  I was also the only one who knew that James Joyce was a frequent visitor to the original shop with Sylvia Beach — but that was only because I just read A Moveable Feast.  So you see, reading really does make you smarter.  Therefore, my advice to anyone who wishes to be the smartest person at a tea party would be to pick up a book beforehand!!


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